Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learn How To Build A Cat Tree And Save Money!

Owning a cat is a very rewarding experience. Cats make terrific pets for a number of reasons. Not only are they affectionate and make great companions, but cats are also more independent and less needy than dogs. If you are a busy person with a demanding lifestyle but still want to own a pet, a cat is the perfect choice for you. Once you have decided to adopt a cat, there are a number of items you will want to provide for your cat to ensure it will be very happy. Cats love to climb things so you will want to provide a cat tree or some kind of cat furniture. If you learn how to build a cat tree yourself you can save lots of money as I recommend having more than one in your home so you can provide different styles and heights with various locations in your home to entertain your feline friend.

Cat trees are quite expensive to buy, and if you decide to purchase a large cat tree or more than one, it can cost you several hundred dollars. You may think it is not worth the money to buy something that your cat will scratch and shred to pieces, but if you do not give your cats access to scratching posts and cat trees, they will resort to using your valuables to scratch on. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and if you do not provide them with their own furniture, you will find them scratching your good furniture. You can save lots of money if you simply build your own cat trees. Prevent your cat from scratching your good furniture fairly easily by providing your cat with its own scratching posts and cat trees. If you learn how to build a cat tree from scratch, you can provide your cat with furniture it will love and save yourself tons of money.

Preventing your cat from scratching things is simply a losing battle. Cats scratch instinctively to condition and groom their nails, to mark their territory, and to exercise. They also tend to scratch when they feel playful or excited. If you do not provide your cats with their own cat trees and scratching posts, they will surely find some place else to scratch, which is usually damaging. It is most beneficial to provide your cat with several scratching posts, and cat trees in various places throughout your home. You want to put them in rooms where your cat spends a lot of time or nearby where you have noticed your cat has been scratching. To help attract them to their cat tree, spray with tree with some liquid catnip or sprinkle some catnip onto the cat tree. You will find that it won't take long for your cat to be attracted to it. Once your cat has taken to the cat tree, and you see the cat scratching various areas of the tree, you want to reward this behavior with a favorite treat as positive reinforcement. This helps the cat understand that you like what he is doing. Cat trees can be made of different types of material with the most common being carpet and sisal rope. I find that cat trees that offer both carpet and sisal rope are the best as different cats have different preferences as to what kinds of surfaces they like to scratch the most. If you provide a variety of surfaces, you are more likely to offer your cat what they prefer.

Learning how to build a cat tree just makes practical sense.  Cat trees are often very pricey and can cost well over one hundred dollars each. When you consider that you are buying the cat tree for your cat to scratch and play on, you must realize that the cat tree probably will not stay in good condition for a long time. When you buy cat trees in the store, you are spending lots of money on items that your cat is going to claw and scratch to pieces. Cat trees do need to be replaced every so often, and depending on how aggressively your cat scratches or how often your cat scratches on the cat tree, it could be less than a year before you find the cat tree falling apart. You will be surprised just how easy it is to build cat furniture on your own, and it is very rewarding to build a cat tree yourself. Once you see how much your cat will love it, you will be motivated to build more. I have a cat tree available in every room of my home. I place many of them in front of the window so my cat can sit and watch the world go by. Cats are very content just sitting at the window looking outside. Giving your cat a window seat provides them with hours of entertainment and stimulation as they watch the wild animals and birds outside. They are fascinated with looking outside, and this also helps to prevent boredom which can lead to behavior problems.

Not only do cat trees help prevent your cat from scratching your furniture, there are several other advantages of learning how to build a cat tree.  I am sure you have noticed that when you purchase a cat tree in the store, the selection is somewhat limited in regards to color, fabric, and size. Not only can you save yourself lots of money by building your own cat trees, you can purchase the exact color of fabric to match your room's decor, or choose any style and texture of  fabric that you prefer. You can also customize to your cat's preference by accessorizing with favorite cat toys that you know your cat loves. You can build to suit any height that you want. Your guests will be impressed with the quality that you can build and with the ability to choose styles and colors, you can match each room perfectly. Your cat tree will look like it is tailor made to your home and your cat will love you for it.

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