Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Build A Cat Tree

Cats are wonderful pets. They are independent, affectionate and make loving companions. However, they do have habits that humans may not appreciate too much such as scratching the furniture, and clawing personal possessions. Learn how to build a cat tree or cat furniture and not only save money, but also the family sofa.

Cats simply have a natural instinct to scratch and claw things. It is a behavior that you will not be able to change as it is just what cats do. Cats scratch their claws for a variety of reasons including to exercise, keep their nails clean and trimmed, and to mark their territory. If you provide your cat with ample scratching posts and furniture, they will be less likely to destroy the house.  Cat trees are my personal favorite. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and cats just love them. Your cat will quickly take to the tree for climbing and conditioning claws. Place the cat furniture next to a window for the ultimate happy kitty. They love to sit looking outside at the birds. Having more than one cat tree is highly recommended as it will further prevent unwanted scratching by offering the cat a choice of heights, styles and shapes. The only downside is that cat furniture can be very expensive. No sense in spending a lot of money on something your cat will ultimately destroy. Learn how to build a cat tree and save a fortune while providing your cat with a professional quality tree they are sure to love.

If you provide your cat with their own furniture, you will see how easy it is to direct the unwanted behavior of scratching your good furntiure. Cats are very intelligent creatures and will recognize the appropriate places to scratch and claw with a little reinforcement from you.  You want your cat to be healthy and happy and providing your cat with its own possessions is a must. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to make your own cat tree. Basic tools you already have in your home, wood, and sisal rope is what you'll need to get started. Next, you need some professional quality step by step construction plans and you'll soon have quality cat furniture in every room. There is an e-book available for immediate download that shows you step by step exactly how to build your own high quality professional cat trees, and not just one tree but several different trees in a variety of styles

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