Sunday, February 27, 2011

Holy Puuurrr

Cats In A Basket

Mean Kitty Gallery

I just stumbled upon this mean kitty gallery. Puuurr, aren't these cats just meaaan? They so look mean at least.

Here are some of my 'favorites':

Safe In A Cat's Mouth

You'll be my mouth, baby!

Scary Furrball

"Will not calm down til you tell us whose furr that ball is made of!!"

Protect Your Furry Friend The Best You Can!

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If you have a new kitten then you may also want to look into the home contents insurance too because a kitten can cause a lot of damage until he or she is house trained. There are policies on there that do cover pet damage and it therefore saves you an awful lot of time trying to find them yourself! There are very few home contents insurance policies out there that do cover pet damage now so why not tap into them quickly and easily if you have the chance?

Cat With Lipstick

What do you mean I applied my dark lipstick...wrongly?

No Room For Kitty

Mommy? There is no room left for me in there!

Confusion, surprise, frustration and indifference kitty

Lucky cats... They are not as anxious as some of us humans might feel by the end of January, for not being any more advanced about our new year's resolutions. :-/

Staring Kitten

I see aliens!

Kitty Under Attack

"Halp! I am underrr attaaack!"

Gotta Sleep Kitty

No purrs. This kitty is trying to get some sleep here!

Every Cat's Dream

"Woohhha! Gotta be dreamin'!"

W00t Cat

Say w00t!!

All Eyes Cat

I am all eyes! Now show me your trick.

Cutest Purr Ever

Check out the cutest purr ever

Cat Smells The Flower

"I am stoppin' to smell da flow-urrrr!"

Kitty Necklace

This is a must-have for every female cats lover.

Dinner Cat

May I have some dinuurrr!

Cat Got Mouse

... And is pretty excited about the achievement.

Grounded Kitty

"Mommy says am grounded. So I should stay on the curr-pet for 5 whole minutes." :(

Cat-y Suplication

Supplicating... Badly!

Friday, February 25, 2011

fashionable kitten

Totally fashionable in denim. Never be embarrassed!

cat pose

Strike the pose.

poor cat


cat man

Time for escapades.

puss love you

Don't forget we love you.

kitten play with baby duck

Petting a little chick feels lovely as a hairy chest.

cat have leopard print

Kitten pull off leopard print best.

cat say - let me out of here

Let me out of here!

cats fight and love

And love.

cat use on dog

The smallest are the best.

kitten guest what

A likes white.

water drop kitten plays

A and J like water, especially when taking a shower together.

kitties on table

J gave A a nice kitten book once.

cat in box - have a new apartment

Maybe A is moving soon.

flying kitten- hey i am super cat

Four more days untill the smaller kitten flies again.

meow statue

A + J = Coziness.

cat play with plants, scrath

Little A is cooking a winter soup and is thinking how nice it would be to have dinner with grizzly kitten J.

rolling ball cat

This is J.

ice cream cat, like it

Lick it.

copy that cat

Have some fun with the copy machine.

super little tiny cute cat

Huhu, I am super cute.

cat with cute hat

A likes his hat.

white blue eyes kitties

A has the most beautiful blue eyes and finds comfort by covering his face when he sleeps.

best kitties kiss kiss

J wants A to understand he is the best.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kitties! Anybody Home?

"Wanna party

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