Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Abyssinian Beauty – A Cat Like No Other Posted by M

The Abyssinian cats are one of the most popular shorthair breeds of cats in the USA. There are many myths about their origins, and none have been proven to be totally correct. These domesticated cats are often believed to have originated from an Egyptian female kitten called Zula that was taken from a port in Alexandria, Egypt, by a British soldier and brought to England. This theory could be backed by the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats which portray elegant felines with a muscular body, that resemble Abyssinian cats.

The Abyssinian is a very active, playful, and inquisitive cat. This slender, short-haired breed is distinguished by its coat which is medium-length, dense, and silky to the touch. Abyssinian cats have coats that are unusual enough to catch attention. Each hair has a base-color with three or four darker-colored bands; the hair is the lighter color at the root, and the darker "ticking" color at the tip. The original Abyssinian coat colour is known as Usual in the United Kingdom and as Ruddy elsewhere. Over the years various other colours have been developed from this, but the markings on the coat have remained the same. The back of the hind legs and the pads of the small oval paws are always darker than the rest of the coat.

Abyssinians are extroverted and intelligent, but usually not "lap cats". These felines are most of the time too busy exploring around with utmost curiosity and carefully playing as they would in their natural habitat. They have quiet, engaging voices that can often be misleading. Abyssinians generally get on well with other cats, although they need their space and the females can sometimes be irritable around other cats.

Abyssinians do not require special cats care. The usual grooming and cleaning should be enough. The Abyss, as their fans love to call them, make great pets and companions

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